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The links in the following table will take you to other WebSites with natural gas and risk management related information.

NYME logo
Link to NYMEX energy related futures prices.
Cook Inlet logo
Link to Ray Sasaki's Natural Gas Update page at Cook Inlet for daily cash prices, fundamental news, and interaction with Ray regarding your views on weather, storage, and pricing.
Energy connection logo
Link to The Energy Connection page. The Energy Connection is a collection of petroleum-related Internet sites, and includes oil and gas associations, producing oil and gas company homepages, and software and consulting companies that work in the oil patch. The Energy Connection is also an excellent guide to energy industry sites that are not part of this particular online community.
WTRG logo
Link to West Texas Research Group ("WTRG") page. WTRG provides data, analysis, planning and forecast services primarily for the energy and petrochemical industries. To aid in a better understanding of the energy industry WTRG makes available highlights of some of its studies on this site.
OilWorld logo
Link to Oil World page. Good source for 12 month strip pricing, news, and other information/links related to energy issues.
ARAL logo
Link to ARAL Energy News page. Good source for energy related news.
energy central logo
Link to Energy Central. Provides instant access to news, research, publications, databases, directories, people and events. Energy Central is continually working with industry organizations, associations, consultants and publishers to bring you the latest and most useful information. Their staff then organizes and links all of the relevant information by topic, category and key idea making it available to you when you are looking for it. They are working with their content partners to build the industry's most comprehensive on-line knowledgebases covering topics such as Industry Deregulation, Retail Wheeling, Financial Transactions, Mergers and Acquisition, Power Marketing and Risk Management. These knowledgebases will provide you with the basic information you need and point you to the sources of detailed information, consulting, products and services that will let you get your job done quickly and effectively.
ICGTI logo
Link to International Centre for Gas Technology Information ("ICGTI") page. ICGTI officially began in May 1995 and is the most recent International Energy Agency (IEA) technology information centre. The primary mission of ICGTI is to serve as the key international information highway conduit to link, in an efficient and complementary manner, the efforts of many gas technology organizations and their markets. ICGTI thereby, promotes an accelerated pace for commercially useful technology transfer throughout the global gas industry. ICGTI is using the Internet as its primary means to accomplish this technology and information transfer. ICGTI has developed and is currently operating GTI Online which is devoted exclusively adding detailed, high quality information on natural gas-related technologies. The charter members of ICGTI formed a strong partnership representing more than 50 percent of both the world's production and consumption of natural gas. The members as of 1 January 1997 include: Canada, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the USA. In addition, the Centre's corporate sponsor is Columbia Gas System in the USA and Gasum Oy has signed up for subscription to GTI Online. Gas Technology Information, Inc., a joint venture between Gas Research Institute and the Danish Gas Technology Centre, operates ICGTI on behalf of the members and IEA.
ADT logo
Link to Applied Derivatives Trading page. Applied Derivatives Trading is a monthly magazine devoted to all aspects of derivatives trading throughout the world. Their aim is to provide information about trading for traders. ADT is published exclusively via the World Wide Web.
miti logo
Link to Montgomery Investment Technology, Inc ("MITI"). for Gas and Electricity pricing, valuation and related services. MITI provides Option, Exotic Option and Value @ Risk solutions to the power industry. MITI's Wall Street Network contains useful links and tools for analysis and demonstration. If you have any questions please E-mail George or Jason, or call 610-688-8111.

I am always seeking links to good information. Please click on the Comments button to communicate your suggestions regarding additional issues and WebSite URLs to be included in the above table.

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